Thursday, 19 February 2015

It started as a scary flat pack!

My latest scrapbook lesson at Craftmainia Lowestoft consisted of constructing a deep wooden 12x12 frame, the same as the one pictured below.

Just before the lesson we got to pick five12x12 papers to decorate the frame and one 12x12 plain backing paper of our choice from the hundreds that are available in the shop. 
I decided to go totally out of my usual plain boring comfort zone of nutral colours and go with reds and oranges being my main colours.
After glueing the MDF kit together with PVA glue which was suprisingly easy and quick the fun began.
First I used distress inks to colour the outside sidewalls of the frame that might be visible once hung on the wall, then I did the inside sidewalls of the frame the same.
Next I cut strips of the script paper I chose to put around the edges and distressed it in the same colours and glued it on.
Then choosing bits and pieces from the different papers and distressing here and there it all started coming together.

This is my finished frame. I am very impressed with how it turned out and it never would have been possible without the guidence and expertise from the extremely talented Jamie Rodgers at Craftmania.

This is a close up of the bottom right corner of the frame, here you can see I used a punch on the striped paper and the heart is again MDF which I distressed and stamped on top of.

In the bottom left corner Ive added a small bunch of flowers to a feature I based the whole frame on.

Top right corner.

Top left corner.

These flowers started as 3 flat flowers that we layered, shaped and finished by putting a stud in the centre.

I have made mine so that the backing sheet can be changed and once I have my photo mounted in the center I can also replace that too later on as its just hanging from a hook.

I loved these roses inside the frame at the bottom so much that I was determined to put them somewhere lol.

I added a few pearls as a finishing touch here and there.

Overall this is by far my most favorite project this year and will be a hard one to beat. 


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for your comments :) xx